Grow your business
with the right talent.

Assess, recruit, manage and develop talent all in one place with people analytics.

Our clients understand that having the right people is central to their success.

You deserve the best talent for your company.

Grow your business by having the right people with good role fit by leveraging behavioural science & artificial intelligence.

Real insight

Each person's abilities, competencies and motivation mix is unique. Find out their natural talents that best fit your company goals.

Right match

Attract the right people with the best match for the job requirements and their talents to get the most out of every role and function in your organisation.

Deep data

Leverage on helpful insights to strengthen your strategic human resource planning to increase your overall business value to the next level.

Fully personalised

Critical skills and competencies development with personalised learning path for your employees to advance their careers.

Go beyond the normal talent acquisition.

Resumes can only tell you about a person's past. When you're looking into the future, you need to understand behavioural indicators that can identify and predict real potential in your talents.

Identify strengths and needs

Look for the critical individual factors that enable high performance. Pay attention to their development needs to boost productivity levels.

Utilise individual capabilities

Success in the workplace requires more than just hard/technical skills. Aim for the skills linked to performance and career growth.

Understand individual triggers

Get to know how people respond in different situations, how they approach it and why they behave in certain manner. Cultivate healthier workplace relationships.

Find out what drives them

Capitalise on the factors that can energise a person to excel and reach peak performance. Encourage personal and professional growth.

Let your data do the job.

Make use of rich data among your talent pool.

Integrate with your existing your systems

Get better insight for effective actions.

Endorsed and supported by Malaysia's Ministry of Education.

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"The output they have presented to us gives valuable insights that we have been looking into, in line with our future strategic plans as the biggest tertiary institution in Malaysia. Thank you Tellnsearch!"

Prof Dr Nor Aziah Alias
Director of Academic Development, UITM

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